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Classical Moulds Series: No.4 Ejector Moulds

Source: Junying   Author: Junying   Posted: 2014-09-13 09:50:38   Hits: 459
Ejector moulds, or we say cam moulds, is suitable to produce products with simple barb. The whole mould consists of several important parts.

Please refer to the picture at the bottom of this article. There are several adapter plates on each side of the machine. The one side is movable and the other is fixed. On the movable side, there are also spacer blocks and ejector pins. The latter is used to control the operation of the whole mould machine. 

Two ejector pins are settled on it for holding the product. Locating ring on the very right of mould machines is used to guarantee right location of the product. Core and cavity in the middle of moulds decide the shape of products. 

There are several points that should be noticed when designing an ejector mould. 

First. The route that the ejector pin push moulds out should be as short as possible. 
Second. Angles made by ejectors when pushing the moulds out should be less than 10°. Besides, products might move during the process, thus the length of ejector pins should be 4/5 of the product’s height. Thus, the angle might be larger than 10°. Under this circumstance, fix the angle to 10°and make the pin 0.5-1mm higher than the male mould. 
Third. The top of ejector pins should be 0.05mm lower than the male mould. 
Forth. The angles should also be changed, ranging from 3° to 6° , if pins are equipped with bulges. 
Fifth. It is better to fix the ejector pins right above the KO holes. 
Sixth. In case of swing when moving pins, t-grooves and dovetail grooves should be settled in advance. 
Seventh. To prevent the movement of pins from effecting smooth ejection, EPG is needed. 
Eighth. Fixing springs to protect reclining surface of pins. 
Ninth. Pay attention to the location of finished moulds in case that the products cling to pins when the latter move back. 

Classical Moulds Series: No.4 Ejector Moulds - Junying