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China Tire Mould Manufacture Field Will Grow Fastly

Source: Junying   Author: Junying   Posted: 2014-08-27 16:18:07   Hits: 566
It is well known that auto moulds will promote the growth of whole mould manufacturing industry. As a part of automobile moulds, the tire mould field is promising. The world’s tire manufacturing center is shifting to the Asian market, which is led by China. It is the same for rubber machineries and tire moulds. 

Global tire market, especially China, has grown slowly since 2011. This directly effects the market demands on tire moulds. In 2012, Chinese tire mould industry make an income of nearly 301 thousand RMB, of which auto tire moulds reached 187 thousand RMB and increased by only 0.16% on year-on-year basis. 

In view of enterprises’ earning performance, most of tire moulds manufacturer facing business decline in 2012. In the first three quarters of 2012, earning of Halma Tech Company increased by only 0.37% when comparing with the same period of 2011. The net profit of it was declined by 6.28%. In this period, shares of Greatoo Inc also grew at a slow speed. The earning of it was barely changed and the net profit increase modestly by 5.92%, compared with that of 2011. 

In 2013, Chinese tire mould industry run into a recovery situation. Throughout the whole year, total sales of this field reached about 356.5 billion RMB, increased by 18.44% on year-on-year basis. This is mainly caused by shrinking tire price in 2013. 

From the aspects of those key enterprises, the earnings grow with different rates. As the leading company in tire mould field, Halma Tech Company made a remarkable earning of 105.7 thousand RMB in 2013, increased by 57.11% when comparing with that of 2012. As to the Gretoo Inc, it also did an excellent performance in 2013 with 46.8 billion RMB. 

S&P Consulting published a report concerning development of tire moulds industry in China during 2014-2018. According to the report, international emerging market is promising with increasing transnational corporations purchasing moulds in China. Therefore, with wide space for developing, China will definitely become one of the biggest tire moulds manufacturers in the world. 

China Tire Mould Manufacture Field Will Grow Fastly - Junying