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China Stamping Hardware Mould Industry Adjusts Layout

Source: Junying   Author: Junying   Posted: 2014-09-30 15:37:17   Hits: 489
It is known that China stamping die industry has developed rapidly since it was formed. Imports and exports of this field reach 40.33% and 25.12% respectively of Chinese total export-import volume in mould industry. China has become one of the important export countries in international stamping die line. 

Layout adjustment of domestic stamping hardware mould industry is the natural trend of economic development. With several years’ accumulation on technology, talents and capitals, eastern regions gradually transformed it into a hightech products manufacture base. The emerging area will undertake part of middle-low level production. This division is suitable. More different products are produced. It also provides China mould industry a space for stair-like development. 

Domestic stamping mould industry is running after the world advanced level all the time to diminish the technological gap with developed countries. Many precise moulds made in China are on a par with imported products now. The whole level of this filed has been improved obviously. We not only can produce products that can substitute for imported products, but also export large parts of products to America, Japan and other advanced countries or regions. 

In spite of gap between domestic mould line and international mould field, China mould industry will surpass others in future. Stamping mould will become the main power of domestic mould that pushes the whole industry to a higher level. The promoted technology will greatly improve the capacity of Chinese enterprises in grasping market. Industrial size and technology will be upgraded in the coming decade. 

China Stamping Hardware Mould Industry Adjusts Layout - Junying