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China Should Intensify Mould Manufacture

Source: Junying   Author: Junying   Posted: 2014-07-30 16:46:19   Hits: 403

Chinese medical equipment moulds account for only 2% in the world. The proportion of pharmaceuticals and medical equipment is also 2.5:1, while that of developed countries is 1:1.American annual cost of medical plastic per capita is 300 USD. The gap is obvious for China spends only 30 RMB per capita on medical plastic annually. It also shows that potential development of Chinese medical equipment moulds is great.


From the side of international market, the continually improving cost of labor impels advanced countries to transfer production or procurement matters to those developing countries.Chinais one of the destinations that are equipped with good technical basis. Trend of purchasing moulds in China is developing, thus deploitation of international emerging market is considerable. Nevertheless, the developing market requires moulds to be more excellent.


Fields like automobile lightening, intelligent shaping, new energy, aviation, biomedicine, rail transit and smart grid all enjoy priority to development according to the 12th Five-year Plan. It is natural that mould manufacturing concerning these industries should also be the emphasis in mould line. Many products need to be developed while the technology requires improvement. Chinese mould industry should utilize this opportunity to boost the whole field.


Total export volume of Chinese moulds has reached nearly 5 billion USD. It is confirmed that Chinese mould industry has laid a solid foundation to some extent. In order to realize the goal of doubling export volume in 5 years,Chinashould actively cultivate export bases and export enterprises. It should be noticed that, this goal is not our ultimate aim. It is more important to catch up with global market and improveChina’s manufacturing technology and comprehensive industrial level in mould field.

China Should Intensify Mold Manufacture - Junying