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China Mold Industry Ushering in Good Opportunity

Source: Junying   Author: Junying   Posted: 2016-07-04 17:40:12   Hits: 52
Recently, in the field of auto mold products, with new auto models importing, old models updating and scale of production of whole vehicle and components expanding constantly, the demands for auto mold are also growing continuously. To achieve new supplying channel, both global mold manufacturers holding advanced technologies and domestic mold manufacturers having cost competitiveness are intensifying their own fields, accelerating the construction of mold manufacturing system. Mold expert introduces that making a vehicle needs about 1,500 parts averagely. For output of auto annually growing in China, foreign-funded enterprises enter into China to establish factories in succession. To meet fiery demands for domestic demands and export, the demands for auto parts certainly become a good opportunity for Chinese mold industry updating. 

Due to highly development of Chinese mold and obvious progress of technology, adding with low price of mold, in recent years, some joint venture auto manufacturing enterprises have transferred from importing molds from abroad to purchasing molds in China. Meanwhile, with international competitiveness of Chinese own auto mold manufacturing industry growing gradually, more and more foreign auto manufacturing enterprises purchase mold from china. Some auto manufacturers in Germany and the U.S. have already absorbed products of Chinese mold factories into their global purchase chain. The trend has already been obvious. Besides, with production technology of local enterprises being optimized, advantages of Chinese mold industry will be highlighted further. Experts point out that although Chinese mold manufacturers are optimistic to market of auto mold product, unbalance existing in Chinese mold industry development should be noticed. Output of auto in China is surprising while large numbers of autos are originated from investment and mass production of well-known foreign auto enterprises. At the same time, as an important key for grasping industrial lifeblood, the development of mold shows regional unbalance. For example, Guangdong in South China is a traditional auto strategic town while its starting is much later than Shanghai in East China and Changchun in North China. Especially for molds which have the highest additional value and are mainly used to manufacturing auto covering parts, the development on mold market in South China is nearly blank.

The technology of Chinese auto mold industry still needs to be improved while it cannot change the situation that global auto industry generally considered China as the first choice for auto manufacturing base. Geertvander Linden, the Manager of International Customer Department, Uddeholm Tool AB clearly expresses that China and Czech are currently the most welcomed auto manufacturing base around the world and he is optimistic about the prospect of Chinese market.

Chinese auto mold market shows strong growing trend with auto highly developing. Accelerating localization of auto mold is the priority of auto parts. Without low cost of domestic mold, Chinese own auto cannot be developed rapidly. That has been generally accepted. However, low cost is not equal to low technical level. During developing multi categories with low cost, the high development and quality improvement of Chinese own auto cannot be lack of improvement of Chinese mold level. Chinese own autos cannot only continue developing on low-medium market, but also constantly raising market share on high-end market. The trend is obvious which certainly puts forward higher and higher requirements for auto mold products. It is also an irresistible trend on auto mold market. Mold manufacturers should fully recognize the trend, maintaining low cost based on technologies and constantly improving quality of molds.
China Mold Industry Ushering in Good Opportunity