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China Automobile Mould Industry Meets Great Boom

Source: Junying   Author: Junying   Posted: 2014-06-24 14:25:42   Hits: 453

Due to the prosperous progress of automotive industry, the relevant die and mould field also meets with a great boom. At the Mould Industry Summit in Hengli, Dongguan, Luo Baihui, secretary general of International Mould Association stated that, the mould manufacturing capability of China companies at present is far from enough to meet the needs of market, especially the making of big-size precision moulds. The moulds of covering parts for the medium and high-grade cars are almost all imported from abroad. 

Automobile and motorcycle industry is one of the five mainstay industries of China. In 2012, the sales of cars had exceeded 19310 thousand. According to the rule of development of industries economy, China's automobile and motorcycle industry has stepped on the Economic Take-off Stage. Great sales will definitely bring strong domestic demand and trade market for the mould line. That is why the development of automotive mould is the most important one in China mould market.

Large and medium size plastic mould for interiors and exteriors components of cars are in great demand. To make big-size and precise mould for covering parts and decoration goods of cars will be a critical work of mould making in China. 

To some extent, the amount of automobile and motorcycle mould reflects the level of automobile and motorcycle industry in certain country. In 2014 and the next decade, it is always urgent and necessary for Chinese mould making company to research and develop more precise and various moulds. 
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