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Automobile Hardware Mold in China Should be Improved

Source: Junying   Author: Junying   Posted: 2015-11-19 16:20:11   Hits: 343
In recent years, for the new models import, old models update and the production scale of automobile or parts constant expanding, the demands for automobile hardware mold are growing continually. To acquire the new supply channel, global hardware mold manufacturers having advanced technology and Chinese manufacturers having cost competitiveness are all strengthening their own fields and accelerating construction of hardware mold production system. It is introduced that an automobile needs about 1,500 hardware parts averagely. Because of the gradually increasing automobile yield in China, foreign capitals set up factories in China one after another to meet the hot domestic demands and export demands at the same time. The demand for automobile hardware parts is an opportunity for Chinese hardware mold industry updating. 

For hardware mold highly developing and technology advancing, coupled with low price, a large number of hardware molds used by joint venture brands have been transferred from foreign import to domestic procurement. Meanwhile, international competitiveness of Chinese automobile hardware mold industry is growing gradually. More and more well-known manufacturers buy hardware molds from China. What’s more, some German and American automobile manufacturers have already brought products provided by Chinese hardware manufacturers into their own purchases chains. The trend is not only clarified, but also highlighted further on the international market. It points that Chinese manufacturers are optimistic about the market. However, unbalance existing in Chinese hardware mold industry developing should be noticed. Although, China has surprising automobile yield, most of yields come from funding and mass production of famous manufacturers. As the key role of industry, hardware mold has regional unbalance. 

Chinese automobile mold market its strong growth tendency for automobile highly developing. Accelerating localization of automobile hardware mold is the priority of automobile parts industry. Without the low cost of mold, Chinese brands cannot develop with a high speed. It is acknowledged. But, low cost does not mean low technology. When develop various categories at low cost, high development and quality improvement of Chinese brands cannot be lack of the improvement of Chinese hardware mold technology. Chinese brands should not only develop continuously on middle and low market, but also should improve market share on middle and high market. The tendency is also obvious, which has higher requirement for automobile hardware mold. It is also an inexorable trend on automobile stamping mold market. Hardware mold manufacturers should fully recognize the trend, maintaining low cost based on technology advancement and improving quality of mold constantly.  

Automobile Hardware Mold in China Should be Improved