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Approaches to Improve Quality of Moulds

Source: Junying   Author: Junying   Posted: 2015-07-08 17:12:46   Hits: 388
The quality of moulds includes the following aspects:
(1) Products quality: stability and conformity of products dimensions, surface perfection, materials utilization;
(2) Service life: Under the preconditions that ensure products quality, cycle indexes completed by moulds or the quantities of products manufactured by moulds;
(3) Mould maintenance: convenient for utilization or ejection; whether production auxiliary time can be reduced as much as possible;
(4) Cost of maintenance, maintenance period, etc.

Basic approaches for improving quality of moulds:

Design is the most important step for improving quality of moulds. Several factors should be considered, containing materials of moulds, availability and security of mould structure, machinability of mould parts and convenience of mould repairing. Those factors should be taken consideration as much as possible before design. Manufacturing process is also a key role in quality of moulds. Both processing methods and machining precision have effects on service life of moulds. The precision of every part has direct impact on the whole mould assemble. Besides the precision on equipments, it also requires to improve processing methods of parts and technological level of bench workers in grinding, advancing precision of moulds further. Surface strengthening is carried out on parts which are mainly formed by moulds, improving abrasive resistance of parts surface and quality of moulds. The proper usage and maintenance are also vital for improving quality of moulds.

Approaches to Improve Quality of Moulds