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Application of Electroplating in Moulds Manufacture

Source: Junying   Author: Junying   Posted: 2014-12-05 08:32:43   Hits: 640
Moulds are composed of different of components. In order to prolong the service life of moulds, manufacturers usually employed various surface treatments. 

For example, moulds made of traditional tool steel are usually treated with hard chrome or nickle electroplating. Sometimes, more professional engineering coatings are also applied. These methods can prevent the products from wear or corrosion and lead to better demoulding. 

Because of development of new technology and aluminum moulds, as well as designs of injection moulds, aluminum moulds are used more and more popular in fields like injection moulds, RIM moulds, rubber moulds, structural foaming moulds and RTM moulds. While it may not be appropriate for all fields, it is still getting more universal application. 

For the sake of components with better decoration functions through injection moulding, manufacturers also hope to maintain some certain glossiness on the surface of aluminum moulds. Therefore, electroless nickel coating technology is suggested. This means is conducive to extend the hold time of surface smoothness. It makes it easier for manufacturers when producing decorative components. 

On account of soft features of aluminum products, a finished moulds without any surface treatment will be apt to fray. Hence, the damage rate will be accelerated and the smoothness of moulds will be changed. 

Electroless nickel coating can improve 50RC for the surface of moulds. It is able to protect and extend the structure and smoothness of moulds surface. Electroless nickel coating can added better smoothness to the aluminum products. Nevertheless, is should be noticed that some other surface treatments should be applied before electroplating. 

Application of Electroplating in Moulds Manufacture - Junying