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Aluminum Die Casting Part

Aluminum Die Casting Part

China Die casting Parts contract manufacturer Junying provides high quality Aluminum die casting part, with 5,000,000 pcs/year Production Capacity.
Trade Info.
Production Capacity: 5,000,000 pcs/year.
Material: Aluminum.
Basic Info.
Material: Aluminum.
Additional Info.
Production Capacity: 500, 0000pcs/year.
Product Desciption
Aluminum part, diecasting part by 400T machine. 
Junying Metal Manufacturing Co., Ltd have with rich experience and  professional factories in the line of stamping parts, machining parts, plasitic injection parts, injection and diecasting mold and fasteners! We exoport our products to Spain, Germany, Canada, Australia, Danmark, Romania etc. We export auto part to Germany VW, too! 
Junying Metal Manufacturing Co., Ltd Star specializes in exporting the following products: 
1. Machining worked parts of all manner and size (lathe milling, grinding, drilling) 
2. Casting parts of every sort(iron, steel, aluminum, copper, brass) 
3. Pressure die-casting parts 
4. Forging parts 
5. Stamping and bending parts 
6. Shelf bracket, reinforced bracket, stand bracket, folding bracket, hook 
  glass spider etc. 
7. Injection and diecasting mould 
8. Plastic part 
9. Auto part 
10. Fasteners 
11. Wine opener, beer opener, can opener, bottle opener, nut cracket 
12. Kitchenwares 
13. Bathroom fitting 
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