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Aluminum Die Casting  Iphone  KINGPAD

Aluminum Die Casting Iphone KINGPAD

China Aluminum die casting contract manufacturer Junying provides Aluminium die casting Electronic, digital camera, MP3/MP4, hair dryer, LED light case, GPS electronics Aluminum Parts.




Basic Info.

Aluminum Molded Parts 

Export Markets:Global

Product Description

Item name: 
Plastic part 

Company name: 

China Aluminum die casting contract manufacturer Junying

Certification passed: 

ISO9001: 2008, Bureau Veritas 

Materials available: 

Plastic - ABS, PC, PV, PMMA, POM, PA(NYLON), RUBBER, Silicone 

Metal - Aluminum  alloy,zinc alloy Copper, Brass, Stainless Steel, Sheet Metal. 

Available rapid prototyping processes: 

Prototype design 

CNC rapid prototype 

Silicone mould and vacuum casting(Rapid Tooling) 

Surface treatment available: 

Paint, Polish, silk-screen printing, anodize, transparent surface, translucent surface, brush, rubber oil, electroplate 

The Products we serve: 

1. Electronic, digital camera, MP3/MP4, coffe oven, hair dryer, LED light case, television, calculators, GPS electronics, DVD/VCD player and etc 

2. Medical devices and surgical apparatus, Ultrasound scanner case, Ultrasonic diagnostic imaging care, and etc 

3. Telecommunications: Micro phone, speaker, monitor case, computer and etc. 

4. Auto parts: Dashboard, car lights, bar, car door, motorcycle, scooter, bike and etc. 

5. Household appliance: Cooker, air conditioner, TV, fan, shower, fridge, coffee machine and etc 

6. Kitchenwares, crafts, perfume bottle, lighter, kitchenware, cookie molds, and etc. 

7. Toys, game handle/controller, toy plane and etc. 

Our products include: 

1. Plastic mould, Die casting mould and Stamping mould, according with HASCO, DME and Futaba standards. Especially big-size and high-precision mold and molding.  

2. Aluminium alloy casting, zinc alloy casting, stainless steel casting and other hardware products and accessories in industry . 



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