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Alloy 6061 Anodized Aluminum Parts

Alloy 6061 Anodized Aluminum Parts

China Alloy 6061 Anodized Aluminum Parts Manufacturer Junying Offers High Quality Alloy 6061 Anodized Aluminum Parts OEM for Machinery Facility.
1. Item Name: Anodized Aluminum Part
2. Material: Alloy 6061
3. Craftsmanship: CNC lathe
4. Application: Camera industry
5. Finish: Black anodizing
6. Manufacturing Service: OEM or ODM available
7. Specification: Products can be produced as per customer's drawings
8. Tolerance: Can keep +/-0.01mm, high accuracy 
9. Drawing Software: CAD/Solidworks/CAXA/Cimatron E.9
10. Price: Factory Price
11. Packing: Inner with plastic bag and PE Foam, outer with carton. We can pack as per customer's requirement
Industry:  Machinery, Automatic equipment, Electronics, Hardware, Automobiles, Medical instrument, Computers, Chemical, Defense, Printing.
Equipment Capabilities: CNC Lathes/Lathes/Automatic Lathes/CNC Shearing Machines/CNC Bending Machines/Machining Center/Grinding Machines/Milling Machines/Turning Machines/ Welding Machines/Cutting machines/ Wire-Cuts/ Laser Cuts/Punching Machines/ Ditching machines/Polishing machines/Combined Processing Machines and other specialized processing equipments etc.
Materials Capabilities: Aluminum Alloy: 5052/6061/6063/2017/7075 etc.
Brass: H59/3602/2604/H62/ etc. 
Stainless Steel:201/202/303/304/316/412 etc.
Steel Alloy: Carbon Steel/Die Steel etc.
Other Special Materials: Lucite/Nylon/Bakelite/Plastic etc.
Various kinds of materials can be chosen, we can produce according to your requirement.
Surface Treatment: Anodizing/Black Oxide/Electroplating/Heat Treating/Brushing/Grinding/Polishing/Painting/Powder Coating/Nickel Plating.
Inspection tooling: Outer Micrometer, Inside Micrometer (Machine), Digimatic Micrometer, Internal Micrometer, Mechanical Caliper, Vernier Caliper, Caliper (Digital), Calipe (Machine), Caliper (Dial), diameter Scale, Depth Micrometer, Digital Caliper, Altitude Gauge, Electric Balance, 2D Measurement Inspection Instruments etc.
QC: Incoming material will be checked carefully before production.
Strict processing quality control.
100% inspection before shipment.
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