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2015 National Hardware Show, Las Vegas, 5-7 May

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2015 National Hardware Show, Las Vegas, 5-7 May - Junying

Name: 2015 National Hardware Show

Date: 5 May, 2015 - 7 May, 2015. 
Address: Las Vegas Convention Center. 
Venue: 3150 Paradise Road, Las Vegas, Nevada, America. 
Hardware: Daily Hardware, Architectural Hardware, Decoration Hardware, Fasteners, Screen Mesh, etc. 
Tools: Hand Tools, Electric Tools, Garden Tools, Small Machinery, etc. 
Safety Equipment: Locks, Anti-theft Alarm Products, Security Equipment, etc. 
Automobile Accessories: Maintenance Tools, Pumps and all sorts of Accessories, etc. 
Lighting Fixtures: Lamps and Accessories, Holiday Lights, Christmas Lights, Lawn Lights, Electrical Appliances, Electrical Materials, etc. 
Gardening and Garden Products: Landscape Maintenance, Trim Products, Blacksmith Products, Garden Leisure Products, Barbecue Products, etc. 
DIY Products: Home Decoration and Improvement Products, Pet Products, etc. 

Kitchen and Bathroom Products: Sanitary Ware, Bathroom Equipment, Kitchen Equipment, etc. 

Founded in 1945, American International National Hardware Show is the biggest fair for hardware and gardening products. It provides a professional sourcing chance for both buyers and sellers. 

2015 National Hardware Show will take place at Las Vegas Convention Center from May 5 to May 7. This is a great show and will attract over 27,000 industry professionals. Some of them are going to purchase new products on the show. 83% of attendees participate in the show for new products that will be shown on the fair.